Certified Tonk

I have several things to catch up on – the most obvious is the re-edit of this blog.

Ijo Pona is now based in the note-taking app called Notion. You can find out more about Notion at www.notion.so and get a free account; I swear by it, it is such a good app!

I then learnt some technical skullduggery courtesy of www.fuitionsite.com and routed the domain name to point at this instance of Notion.

The result is a blog that I can edit as and when I want – all stored locally. My only gripe is the commenting system – people need to be logged in to Notion to leave a comment. I will find out how the SEO fares later down the line.

But; what is Certified Tonk?

Certified Tonk is a new radio show that I am part of – I curate, host, and present a radio show that specialises in Improv and Free Music. It only lasts for half an hour every week but it is a joy to make.

I have just finished editing this week’s instalment and you can hear the show below:

The show is broadcast every Wednesday at 23:30 and I really doubt anyone tunes in.

But, it is proving quite successful on the Mixcloud Charts for its tags. I have had a Top 10 shows in “Free Jazz” which is what I was looking for.

More of a cult following than selling out… haha!

Over the weekend, I also made a collage – what do you make to this?

Which reminds me; I have to collect work from the printer…

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