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Heroes The Both Of Them

They are coming home!

My very dear friends, Andy & Tracey, have just completed the life-changing 4001 mile cycle journey from San Fransisco to New York. The whole town are proud of them.

For more of a detailed account, they have both been blogging about their adventures on their own respective Blogs – Tracey’s Blog & Andy’s Blog. I had the good fortune to build Tracey’s Blog for her at www.thecyclingnurse.co.uk. Every day (nearly) I would receive an email in my inbox pushing her latest Blog article – I signed up to the feed – and then I would go and check out her actual blog post on her site. I really recommend that you root around their respective sites. They both have links to their Just Giving Pages – I am not on the hard sell about try to raise their totals. However, it would be awfully thirsty work cycling through the USA. Instead of buying them a pint, put that money in their charity box.

Thanks to technology I felt a part of their epic, super-human triumph – as I read their blogs I too shared their hopes, frustrations and wonderment. It has been a truly remarkable effort & a friendship strengthened by their trans-America cycle journey (I hope).

What go me from their blog was the warmth and humanity that was shown to them by the everyday folk that they bumped in to. People, complete strangers, would put Andy & Tracey up for the night. In their actual house!

A super human effort by by two very human humans.

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