Our Anniversary & Beer Week

As you can tell by the title of this post, two big things happened in the past few days. We had Harrogate Beer Week and me and Kathryn also celebrated an anniversary with an ‘0’ at the end. It has been an action packed first half and I am unsure which event had me most excited. Tuesday saw the start of celebrations with a Turning Point brewery take-over at Major Tom’s. I had hoped for…

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Review (Of Sorts)

PoopShoot.com – Shin Godzilla

In the Kevin Smith film, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob talk about “… the internet movie site, Poop Shoot dot com”. It is where everyone can post an opinion about a film, regardless if they are qualified or not. That website is a bit like this post. I hope to write a short think-piece about a film I just saw; I saw Shin Godzilla. I will stipulate I am no movie buff – I would…

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