We Went To “Our Gate”

We went to the immersive theatre adventure called Our Gate tonight. I hope to give my knuckle-dragger’s opinion on the matter, but there is a back-story. As part of the local radio, we have been broadcasting the prodigal Jack Sinclair and the Our Gate podcast. I can now spoil the ruse in that the Podcast was the introduction to the theatre performance; the podcast was like watching the Extras in a DVD before you watch…

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August ’21: The Jazz Show

As a continuation of the weekend drip feed – a post written every weekend to keep the supply of news constant – I am back again with more mid-life existential dilemmas. This weekend was the weekend of The Jazz Show. I present The Jazz Show on Harrogate Community Radio (handy link) – a monthly toe-dip in to the world of toots and parps. Something I take great pleasure in helping out with. See, we are…

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Home Procrastination

First Weekend Of August ’21

I am trying to blog a bit more – get back in to the swing of things. I figure a good way to do this is to write short, readable reports about my weekend. Friday night; we recorded a show over Skype for the radio – it was the second birthday of Harrogate Community Radio on Sunday and we had two hours of cheese to inflict on the citizens of H’Gate. It was sociopathic fun,…

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