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I Am Looking Forward To Shaking Someone’s Hand Again

It’s a funny thing to shake someone’s hand.

In the future, of course, there are no handshakes. Star Trek, Star Wars, even Spaceballs… no one shakes hands.

And handshakes haven’t been the standard default for as long as we think – they were codified by the Quakers five hundred years ago, because they were thought to be more egalitarian than tipping a hat or bowing.

Today, of course, a handshake is often seen as a threat more than a disarming form of intimacy and equality thanks to Coronavirus.

In addition to being a vector for disease transmission, handshakes reward a certain sort of powerful personality and penalize people who might be disabled or uninterested in that sort of interaction. And judging people by the strength of their grip doesn’t make much sense anymore.

Until a year or so ago, demurring a proffered hand (how antiquated to use ‘demurring’ and ‘proffered’ in the same sentence) was seen as odd and a bit insulting. Today, it comes across as generous.

Add to this the fact that in a video call, there’s no way to shake hands. Hat tipping (or perhaps an informal Vulcan salute or simply a smile and a wave) might be making a comeback.

So, Live Long & Prosper!


Roots Conversation Reaches Episode #100!

I have been a part of Roots Conversation – the roots reggae podcast for a good few years now. We reached Episode #100 tonight. I am currently sat in Creao Studio listening to Scooby and Allan record their show – their show is turning in to a bit of a car crash, really.

But, Roots Conversation has reached Episode #100 and I am more than happy with the progress it is making. I hope we can keep it up for a further #100 Episodes. It is a right laught to record. I make the playlist for the show along with suggestions from Scoob, Allan and Kathryn. We are making it as part of Guerrilla Dub System.

We have been recording our spoken links using VOIP during the the pandemic. It was difficult – it was very difficult. It was not made easy that we all like a beer and we were not the most professional.

However, the Pandemic is easing off and we are making it up to Creao Studio in Harrogate for the past four shows. It is good to see each other again, despite the social distancing; I have missed the retards. Here is the show. When it is published, the embed will be live, it goes live around midnight on Friday morning….

Here is to the next 100 shows guys…

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Sound Of Wonder Is Ace

My mate Scooby hosts the Sound Of Wonder. The Sound Of Wonder is a podcast that gets broadcast on community radio in Harrogate and the USA.

If you want to find out more then head to

Stewart admits he butchers the links and he has not a hope of getting them correct – we are past Episode 250, now. But they are amazing. They have a very small and a very small listenership. I am one of them and I am also the producer.

Scoob’s good lady-wife has taken to recording the links recently. Despite the massive advancements in technology, a local recording is far better than VOIP with good mics.

The Sound of Wonder is clocking up milestones. I am glad to be part of it. Good work, Scooby. And, thanks….

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Terrible Week // Rest to Roots

Terrible week. I had to bow out of Roots Conversation and it was broadcast tonight.

Popped To Hackforth

Popped to Hackforth today – it is where my folks live; they have a new housemate in the form of my sister. Alison is between houses having put a deposit on her firs house.

The lease was up on where she rented and we saw her for the first time since Xmas 2019.

It is a lot different since then.

But, the Swallows returned as we sat in my parent’s garden chatting.

It was honest.



There was an admin meeting for the station tonight.

It was the first proper, facilitated meeting I have attended. Karen led it and she. Knows her onions. We covered a lot of ground and we have agreed to try and lessen my load.

I have a great team of people supporting me and they are the people keeping me going, along with my family and Kathryn.


Levelling up at work

I have been putting in the hours on my work website. There is a google update occurring soon and I need to get it ready.

The update has been pushed back to June – it is based on Experience. Page Experience; the only site I know with a measurable measure on that is HCR – it’s bang tidy.

More on this later as I am spending a lot of time catching up on my Blog.

Panic & Withdraw

I am going through the mill with my health right now – I won’t go in to in too much detail but they are messing around with my medicine. The oral dose was not seeming to work as efficiently and they are now trying me on a new injectable.

The injectable is liver secreted – could stop drinking sports?

Either way, my wage of 18X pints, wracked up against Dennis’ site remains and the I won’t let a Covid Pandemic get in the way of the nurse paying off the debt.

I Made A Quick Mix

There have been holes made in the schedule of HCR – so, I have put in my pitch. The show has vocals over the top, but below you can hear just the mix.


Crump / Charcoal
Shielding / Reserv
Two Shell / Heart Piece
Cocktail Party Effect / War on Codex
The Black Dog / Osho
Rise Black / Agressor
Cienfuegos, Entro Senestre / Slipping Venus – Entro Remix
Kangding Ray / Azores
PTA / INK – Beatapella
Trisicloplox, Sectra / Bat Blood
Ramsez / Big Boi
Personal Message / Interfaces – Original Mix

Here it is –