A New Media

I set myself a challenge last week to try and listen to more radio, specifically Harrogate Community Radio. However, this Blog post references my hero, Don Quixote, the hidalgo from La Mancha. Some would say running an online radio station in a media saturated environment is a bit like Don Quixote’s Quest… but it all loops… Continue reading A New Media


I admit I have been working a bit too hard recently. As a result, I am having to now limit my screen time and engage in my Daily Practice forcibly, even though I don’t want to. It can be quite a grind but to not enjoy engaging in your Daily’s is exactly what they are there for.… Continue reading Newsletter

Is It A Fail?

I have stretched the terms of #365BlogChallenge – I am meant to be blogging every day. But, I have had a hell of a busy week. I have changed servers for all of the sites that I build to a Vultr Cloud server. Lightning quick and great support – they really know their digital onions.… Continue reading Is It A Fail?

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Covid Jab Accomplished

Had an injection today. An important one. I had my Pfizer jab to stop serious Covid 19 infection. The destination was the Yorkshire Show Ground and I was in Hall 2 thanks to a helpful taxi driver. The Nurse who helped by administering my jab was great, I hardly felt a thing, all masked up… Continue reading Covid Jab Accomplished

Woking On Work #1

I have been working a bit too hard recently. I am having to limit my screen time and engage in my daily’s forcibly, even though I don’t want to. It can be quite a grind but to not enjoy engaging in your daily’s is exactly what they are there for. What is a Daily? It… Continue reading Woking On Work #1

Should I Be Cautious?

Lawyers are fond of being cautious. And sometimes, parents are too, apparently. At least you won’t get blamed if something goes wrong. It turns out that we don’t need an abundance of caution. We need appropriate caution. They’re different things. Abundant caution is wasted. Things like ripe avocados and morel mushrooms are terrific to have… Continue reading Should I Be Cautious?

My Brutalist Blog

I have redesigned Ijo Pona, my blog – it is now a Brutalist inspired Blog. As you can probably tell… I have used the fonts Stalinist One and Roboto for the text – kept the colour scheme socialist red and Bauhaus black – pity about the content because it looks amazing! For the sake of… Continue reading My Brutalist Blog

Help! Desk!

I have been busy building a help desk for the station I volunteer at. The Help Desk runs in Tawk.to and comes as part of the Chat Widget I installed for the hosts of the shows. The Widget escalated quickly and then there was the help desk. Do you want to see the Help Desk?… Continue reading Help! Desk!