Christmas Yule Blog

We are in Hackforth for the day – having arrived yesterday and heading back to the smoke in the coming days. We were picked up by Dad and Sarah & Ben ran out to greet us; I cannot really go in to how much it means to see them grow along their trajectory that they… Continue reading Christmas Yule Blog

A Weekend Happened

Another weekend. This one was PJ clad and busy doing not much. Having said that, I managed to get a film developed and the results are below. The weekend came and went – it was mainly Pyjama clad. It was good – me and Mrs Backhouse have settled in to a groove. We seem compatible;… Continue reading A Weekend Happened

Covid19: Up Close II

We have been in isolation for a good while now – our last day is on Monday and then we are out on Tuesday. Will probably head for a few pints to celebrate, if I am allowed. I am unsure where I caught the virus from; it may have been at a pub or the… Continue reading Covid19: Up Close II

Our Anniversary & Beer Week

As you can tell by the title of this post, two big things happened in the past few days. We had Harrogate Beer Week and me and Kathryn also celebrated an anniversary with an ‘0’ at the end. It has been an action packed first half and I am unsure which event had me most… Continue reading Our Anniversary & Beer Week

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August ’21: The Jazz Show

As a continuation of the weekend drip feed – a post written every weekend to keep the supply of news constant – I am back again with more mid-life existential dilemmas. This weekend was the weekend of The Jazz Show. I present The Jazz Show on Harrogate Community Radio (handy link) – a monthly toe-dip… Continue reading August ’21: The Jazz Show

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Mowbray House

I have been awake a few nights, now; my feet are swelling up and they are quite painful. Not much sleep is being achieved. But, this does afford other opportunities; I managed to watch the sun rise whilst listening to a great compilation called “Summer Is Icumen In: The Pagan Sound Of British & Irish… Continue reading Mowbray House