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I Made My First Instructional Video

I have just uploaded my first YouTube video that is semi-professional.

Semi-professional, not in the quality but in that it was not a drunken whim. It took planning and preparation and I stand by it.

I am proud of it.

There were a few fluffed lines but…

It is for Harrogate Community Radio – a community venture I am part of. The video is embedded on the Creao Studio channel and it seems to be drumming up a bit of a listenership.

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How I Join The Landed Gentry

Putting the mental’ in Environmental, I have signed up to a scheme that enables people to buy shares in an Environmental project. The scheme is called Longlands Common and a good friend, Allan, is involved with it – I believe he sits on the board.

It came about that people can now purchase shares in Longlands common for as little as £50 or up to £37,500. I played the part I could afford.

If you are interested in finding out more about the project then head to the Longlands Common website and you can find out as much or as little as you want – it is not up to me to ram it down your throat.

But, I will add that it is a great initiative to preseve a green space. We stopped a road, now let’s start a forest.

Longlands Common

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HCR Reaches Its First Birthday

All of us are happy with how things are panning out with Harrogate Community Radio. I am unsure if you remember last year’s post, marked the 1st August 2020, where I mention I have been bullied in to running a station with Allan & Stewart? Well, we have reached one year old and we are happy with progress.

Allan, Scooby, Karen and Kathryn and me met at Creao Studio to sip a few beers and pat each other on the back. The soundtrack was a mix we have made for the station – here it is:

I took the reigns for the first forty minutes and then Scooby took over – Cloüdbass was taking the last forty minutes. It is an eclectic mix of everything you would hear on the best radio in Harrogate. We try our best. One of the highlights about compiling it was that we managed to strong arm some of the local DJs in to producing a soundbite for the station’s party mix.

Harrogate Community Radio Logo

The day was passed with not too much kerfuffle and there was a good result in the end. It is times like this that I feel truly blessed with the friends I have made in the past few years. Scooby, Karen and Allan have always been there for me and Kathryn; they have seen me at my worst and they have helped celebrate my triumphs with me. We are thick as thieves and I am lucky to know them.

Andrew Backhouse’s Friends

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