Notes From The Middle Of A Pandemic

Some people are taking the Coronavirus Pandemic seriously – that is a good thing. They are trying to stop the surge in cases. Some people are just being d*cks and buying all of the loo roll. There are bare shelves in ASDA in Harrogate – first it was the loo roll then it was the dried pasta. I reckon there is a direct correlation between the people who are panic buying and the people who…

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A Good W/E

My sleep gave me respite and I managed to get up in to the Dales to visit my folks over the weekend, on Sunday. Michael (+family) & Alison were there and it was a good catch up. The reason for getting together was that it was Dad’s birthday celebration. He completes another year soon and he is looking forward to completely stopping work – he says he hopes to be out of agriculture by the…

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