Christmastide 2020

Christmas started a couple of days ago for me – I recorded Roots Conversation and drank a bit, the gift giving started then. Scooby & K-Lo gave me a clear vinyl 2018 repress of Creation Rebel, Adrian Sherwood’s tour de force. It is right good. I gave them this photo…   It is a photo… Continue reading Christmastide 2020

Can I Do It?

I have been thinking — I may set myself a challenge. Challenges are a good thing, they can better the individual. Let him take flight and overcome his obstacles. Why do I need a challenge? What is it I hope to do and what is it I hope to prove to myself? I hope to… Continue reading Can I Do It?

reMarkable 2 Notes

It’s arrived! I am currently writing this Blog post on my reMarkable Tablet. It is unnecessary but ace. I liken it to buying my Dad a Christmas present: he has all that he needs and anything else will just be re-inventing the wheel….. still, it is a lot of fun! See, I was paid a… Continue reading reMarkable 2 Notes

An Experiment On Vimeo

Most people have heard of the video hosting service, Vimeo. It is a bit more like YouTube but more pretentious. A lot of videographers, artists, cinematographers and myself are on there. It is not that social, more a place to pop your portfolio and keep it there. Anyway, I made a still image movie with… Continue reading An Experiment On Vimeo

Working With Lee Perry

I have been in contact with my hero, Lee Perry. Lee “Scratch” Perry is a massive influence on me and the music I make, when I am making Dub Reggae. Lee Perry is attributed with being the first person to use a sample in a pop record – before that is was the avant-garde who… Continue reading Working With Lee Perry

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Military Grade Tech, Over Here!

A mesh network (or simply Meshnet) is a local network topology in which the infrastructure nodes (i.e. bridges, switches, and other infrastructure devices) connect directly, dynamically and non-hierarchically to as many other nodes as possible and cooperate with one another to efficiently route data from/to clients. And, my house now has a Mesh WiFi Network.… Continue reading Military Grade Tech, Over Here!