HCR Open Day

There was an open day for the station I volunteer with. Harogate Community Radio held an open day at Creao Studio to help people get in to broadcasting. The turn out was reasonable. But, what got me was that everyone who came there ended up wanting a show – there was a 100% Conversion rate from walking through the door to walking out with a show. I was in my element. Yes, I went full…

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Kathryn’s Guiding Sorority

Kathryn, my wife, is a volunteer at the local Guiding Association. She leads young girls into being responsible people who will hopefully surpass her. All with completely that very intention and all completely selflessly done. Today she was recognised for five years of service with her group and we both went to a ceremony in Ripon where she was presented with an award. There was a good spread of food and, although I was one…

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