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A Dub Reggae Radio Show

Published 28 June 2019 in Creativity - 0 Comments

You know about The Parish News? It is my main radio show – it gets broadcast on Resonance EXTRA, the arts station in London. But, have you heard about Roots Conversation? Roots Conversation is the dub reggae radio show presented by me and Allan, as Guerrilla Dub System, and DJ Scooby from the Sound of […]

Photo Dump Of A Sad Occasion

Published 26 June 2019 in Family - 0 Comments

As you read previously in the Blog – things have been a bit upset here. Grannys funeral was last week and we went up there as a family to lay her to rest. I won’t go in to the details but it was a good service and by the end of it we were smiling […]

My Solstice, Summer 2019

Published 21 June 2019 in Family - 0 Comments

The Summer Solstice marks my great friend Allan’s birthday – this year he was closer to sixty than fifty – yes, there is a bit of an age gap but mentally we are both around 19 years old so that doesn’t matter much. The day of the Solstice was spent trying to whip my iTunes […]

N’night Granny

Published 8 June 2019 in Family - 0 Comments

I’m sad but acceptant that I will not see my Gran for a very long time. I could wax lyrical about Summerlands and the like. But, I am coming to the round to the fact Granny Dornoch lost her battle yesterday afternoon and she is now at peace. She had a very tough life and […]

Why I Migrated To Blot

Published 6 June 2019 in Procrastination - 0 Comments

I have deleted Ijo Pona as it existed and started afresh. Ijo Pona is dead! Long live Ijo Pona! The older version of this site was a WordPress build – it became very heavy and not at all responsive. All rather cumbersome. So, I elected to start afresh – there will be less rants about […]