There Is An Ongoing Art Event @BiasHarrogate

Last night was such good fun. And, now I am the richer for friendship and I have bagged myself a print of a fantastic painting by John McClenaghen! I will try and gloss over the dismal failure we all face at the hands of Pound-Shop-Mosley and his Yahboo politics. Today only, I will be quiet and I am not going to rise to defend all of the people who he threatens, but, I will Lactose…

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What Did I Make To The Urban Animals Gig In Leeds

Yay, date night! But, it almost never happened. In this blog post, I hope to say a bit about the event at the Brudenell that me and Kathryn attended and then I will get on to why it nearly never happened. I will work in retrospect from the headliners to the opening acts in terms of what I, personally, made to them. Then I will head backwards through the day and you may see why…

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