Letter #16

We seem to be having a ‘wholesome’ day here at Ijo Pona HQ. Kathryn is at a Church Parade with her Girl Guide group and I am left to my own devices. Rather than just head back to bed to catch forty winks, I decided to try and put my time to good use. That… Continue reading Letter #16

Letter #15

The Repeal Bill is one of the most important pieces of legislation in a generation. It will rewrite our laws after we leave the European Union. Those laws affect every one of us — our friends, our families, our children. Laws against discrimination and privacy invasions. Protections for workers, LGBT+, disabled and older people. Rights we fought… Continue reading Letter #15

A Peasant’s View Of Art

Kathryn had the day off work today — so we decided to pop over to Leeds to take in some culture. The City centre Gallery had benefited from a refurb and we were pleased to see that Joseph Beuys was the artist featured in the ARTIST ROOMS in the gallery. Not that I knew much about him… Continue reading A Peasant’s View Of Art

Ooh, Hai 2018

So, 2017 — was it a good year for me? I had a lot of bad things happen to me that were out of my control in 2017. A few examples of this were Brexit, Grannie passing away and my Dad’s dog passing on. However, these things are out of my control — they were ordained by higher powers… Continue reading Ooh, Hai 2018