Letter #12

I am worried. I am worried for the people of Great Britain and the people who have travelled here to make it a home. So, I did all I can do at the time of writing and sent off venom to Andrew Jones MP — Member of Parliament for Harrogate. The issues in this letter affect everyone. I will type up his reply in the comments section. Dear Andrew Jones MP First of all, congratulations on attaining…

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What Type Of Bees Make Milk?

I have had a wonderful past couple of days — and I want to share them with this Blog. My Blog is gradually turning into a “I am feeling ‘X’ because …” Blog, as opposed to “This Is A Blog Post About …” Blog. I am happy the general direction Ijo Pona is taking. It is shaping up to be an alright blog. Ijo Pona is becoming a friend I visit, more than a task to complete.…

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