A Pick Me Up Talk

Yup – things can be tough for you. However, look at this photo … There is something I wish to draw your attention to … This photo was taken as Usain Bolt smashed the World Record for the Mens’s 100m Sprint. He completely ripped it apart at Beijing in 2008 – setting a new record of 9.69 seconds. 9.69 seconds! I would struggle to fall to the floor in that time. However, look at the photo – do…

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Creativity Review (Of Sorts)

Review: Sony QX10 For Street Photography

The DSC-QX10 works seamlessly with your smartphone, allowing you to shoot beautiful images, edit them on your phone and then share them online.  > – Sony The above is what SONY have to say about their own product – for more information on what Sony have to say about the QX10, please click here. However, I am going to write this review from my point of view – a hobbyist street photographer living in a…

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