Pottering around Town On A Sunny Day

As I typed the title for this post, Pottering Around Town On A Sunny Day, I held it in the same light as the previous post and realised that I am turning into an old man. I am sat here grinning and wearing Corduroy Slippers and not minding the fact I am turning into an old man – It seems I have never been happier. I put this down to Kat and a case of mild mania. Anyway,…

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Down On The Farm

After a considerable sleep (18 hrs!) I was dancing around the kitchen to Kate Bush. Now then, I do not make a habit of either – the sleep or the Kate Bush – however, today was one of luxury. I went for a snooze at 1430 Saturday afternoon and slept until 0830 Sunday. I think this bought on the Kate Bush. Whilst gyrating away, my Father called asking for our (Me + Kathryn’s) presence at…

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The New British Class System – How to know your place

I have just been on the BBC’s site and found a test – after being tipped off about it on Facebook. The traditional British Class system (as is every ceiling to ambition) well past its sell by date. Now then, we have a couple living below us who emigrated from New Zealand – when they first came over to the UK they were appalled at the way that people “knew their place” – I am appalled that some…

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