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Loading Dose Update // It’ll Be Lonely

Published 16 April 2021 in Health - 0 Comments

I am back home safe from another breathless walk to Windsor House. See HERE for last week’s walk. It was for the completion of the Loading Dose that I walked across town, today – but, it was a different town. Lock Down 3.0 is lifting and the streets were coming to life. Children played and […]

Thoughts About Blogging

Published 15 April 2021 in Procrastination - 0 Comments

I have reached the 25% Complete mark of the year’s worth of Blogging. You can follow progress at #365BlogChallenge Here are some thoughts on the exercise – Throughout the Blog, there’s a desire to celebrate my “authentic” self. But perhaps my considered self, the one that shows up when I’m doing my best to be […]

Ten Reasons To Write A Book

Published 14 April 2021 in Uncategorised - 0 Comments

More than ten, actually. Millions of books will be published this year and for good reason. People rarely regret the effort. Everyone has their own, but here are some of the reasons to get you started: It clarifies your thinking. It leaves behind a record of where you are in this moment. It’s clearly not […]

Loading Dose Update // Breathless Walk

Published 10 April 2021 in Health - 0 Comments

I made it up to Windsor House yesterday – it was a breathless struggle and the most exercise I have done since I had Covid. I am still stiff as a board and ache all over for the virus; but, the fever has been broken and it was back in November that I had it. […]

Hearing Voices

Published 8 April 2021 in Health - 0 Comments

Hearing Voices is a symptom of serious mental illness; it is also something I can releate to. In this article, The New Statesman cites the pioneer of The Hearing Voices Network. Something I am tempted to sign up for – although I am hesitant to go. What is boils down to is that people who […]

Something I Am Working On

Published 7 April 2021 in Uncategorised - 0 Comments

I can be agreeable without agreeing – and, not just me, it applies to all people. In fact, most of the time, we’d rather spend time with people who have a different point of view but are willing to be agreeable nonetheless. It’s far better than the alternative.

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