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Weird Wins: Series One

Published 1 May 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I have started a new podcast series called Weird Wins. I get to speak to inspirational people about their driving passion. The things that makes them tick. I spoke to Allan about his love of Music Mentorship – how he has helped loads of people get a foot hold in the music industry. How he […]

I Am Looking Forward To Shaking Someone’s Hand Again

Published 30 April 2021 in Health - 0 Comments

It’s a funny thing to shake someone’s hand. In the future, of course, there are no handshakes. Star Trek, Star Wars, even Spaceballs… no one shakes hands. And handshakes haven’t been the standard default for as long as we think – they were codified by the Quakers five hundred years ago, because they were thought […]

Roots Conversation Reaches Episode #100!

Published 28 April 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

I have been a part of Roots Conversation – the roots reggae podcast for a good few years now. We reached Episode #100 tonight. I am currently sat in Creao Studio listening to Scooby and Allan record their show – their show is turning in to a bit of a car crash, really. But, Roots […]

Sound Of Wonder Is Ace

Published 27 April 2021 in Review (Of Sorts) - 0 Comments

My mate Scooby hosts the Sound Of Wonder. The Sound Of Wonder is a podcast that gets broadcast on community radio in Harrogate and the USA. If you want to find out more then head to Stewart admits he butchers the links and he has not a hope of getting them correct – we […]

Popped To Hackforth

Published 25 April 2021 in Family - 0 Comments

Popped to Hackforth today – it is where my folks live; they have a new housemate in the form of my sister. Alison is between houses having put a deposit on her firs house. The lease was up on where she rented and we saw her for the first time since Xmas 2019. It is […]


Published 24 April 2021 in Creativity - 0 Comments

There was an admin meeting for the station tonight. It was the first proper, facilitated meeting I have attended. Karen led it and she. Knows her onions. We covered a lot of ground and we have agreed to try and lessen my load. I have a great team of people supporting me and they are […]

Levelling up at work

Published 23 April 2021 in Procrastination - 0 Comments

I have been putting in the hours on my work website. There is a google update occurring soon and I need to get it ready. The update has been pushed back to June – it is based on Experience. Page Experience; the only site I know with a measurable measure on that is HCR – […]

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