I tried a new feature on the Leica D-Lux 6 that Mrs. Backhouse bought me. To be exact, Time Lapse Photography.

The Leica does not export the photos as a movie – as on other cameras – yet plays it as a movie on the camera itself when playback is selected. To convert the individual photos into a film, I had to purchase QuickTime Pro – I am a mac user (firmly entrenched in that cult).

I set the camera to take Photos every minute (60 Seconds) until it had taken 10 Photos. The result is below. With the time lapse feature, I needed to go to the Aperture Priority Setting and enter the menu. After scrolling down I found the option for Time Lapse. It gives the option of when to start (by setting a time), time taken between photos (interval), and how many photos I wished to take. The setting I chose was an interval of 1 minute between photos (the minimum) and taking ten photos (again, the minimum).

This is a trial for a more ambitious project on Monday. I will be house sitting for my parents at their farm and I intend to try and capture the sunrise Tuesday morning – I will post it up here when it is done.