King Wynter – “The Pilgrim’s Ally”

I returned home from ElectroJam and put the finishing touches to my latest album, it weighs in around the three hour mark. It was pretty much a live improvisation on Audiomulch passed through a Edirol UA 101 and tinkered with in Logic. Essentially it is Occult Electronica from Albion. Taking the Archangels of the cardinal directions as a concept, I created a series of long-form drones in the Aeolian Scale (Uriel), the Dorian Scale (Michael), the Lydian Scale (Raphael) & in Major Triads (Gabriel).

The intended art work. On a J-Card.
The intended art work. On a J-Card.

Please get in contact if you want to release this album. I am looking at a double C90 Cassette release – all artwork supplied if needed.

I have embedded a player below and also a game of chess so you do not wonder off site. Enjoy!


Uploading Radio Shows

People may remember that I used to run a radio station here in Harrogate – imaginatively titled Harrogate Alternative Radio. Well, the license expired a while ago and I have hundreds of radio shows on my hard drive.

I have been going through all of my own shows. What surprised me is this; the quality of the show is better than I recollect! They really are not that bad! Okay, I stutter, dribble and drool like a wrong ‘un over the first five shows – but by about Show V I am hitting my stride.

Over the weekend, I have been uploading the shows to (playlist link – here) and sorting out the hours and hours worth of track listings. I have put a page link in the menu in the top right of this theme. On that page I have embedded my playlist for all to mock me. I would appreciate some feedback on the shows – yunno, if you are so enclined?

I will, I hope, start recording more shows but just pop them on Mixcloud for people to stream – hell, if there are any radio stations with a need for a Goth Folk / Drone Doom / Wyrd Electronica show get in contact! :-)

Here is an embedded playlist incase you do not want to find the page … Once / if you have listened to the first show, find Show V by clicking ‘up next.’

Wyrd Selection Radio Show by Andrew Backhouse on Mixcloud

A Return To College

This evening saw me at Harrogate College. A return to academia but a first at Harrogate College. I am studying a course in Photography.

It started with me getting lost in B Block and someone (who turned out to be my tutor) shouting “Photography!” down the corridor at me. Turns out my tutor is called Phil Day and I was not the last one to arrive; the admin clerk on reception had been scattering us around B Block.

Polite formalities ensued and then we went straight into Crop Ratios. The first lecture exhausted pretty much all I know about photography so I am eager to get cracking with the next evening (held an un-waitable three weeks in the future!).

We were allowed a go in the Studio with the lights and I took the below photo of another student, Simon. Hope you do not mind me putting your photo up here, Simon? Any qualms and I will take it down.

All in all a nice evening spent in the company of nice people.


Electronic Mangled Tape I

Whilst maintaining, my label, site. I came across a problem; how to embed some of the audio onto the individual product page whilst not sacrificing my Soundcloud allowance.

The immediate answer was to upload it to Youtube – the result is above and I am quite content with the result.

There were a few teething troubles, however. Due to the length of the video (29 minutes) I needed to verify my Youtube account – a simple automated text message – and then all was dandy. As mentioned in a previous Blog entry, Artapes now has its own Youtube channel and is definitely worth checking out.


Windows XP

On Tuesday, we dusted off the source code for early versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows. With the help of the Computer History Museum, we are making this code available to the public for the first time.

- Roy Levin, Microsoft Research.

Now, with XP doomed – 95% of the worlds cash machines will be without an OS.


How To Embed You Youtube Channel On Facebook

  • Open the Facebook app “Static HTML: frames tabs
  • Click the big blue button that says “Add static HTML to a page”
  • Choose your fan page from the drop-down menu > Click “Add page Tab”
  • Go to your fan page and you will see the app icon (a grey background with a star on it) in the vicinity of the box that tells you how many ‘likes’ you have. Click on it.
  • Click on ‘Edit Tab’
  • If it doesn’t load on the Static HTML sub-app, click ‘more apps’ and select “Static HTML (it is on the left of the screen)
  • Open a new browser tab
  • Go to and enter your details. There are a load of customisable options so you get the right amount of videos looking just how you want them.
  • Generate the code (at the bottom left of the page)
  • Copy the HTML code and change browser tabs so you are back in the Static HTML: frames tabs – Static HTML sub-app and paste where it tells you to.
  • Save / Preview / View in Facebook.
  • Enjoy! To see what it looks like, check out my previous post.