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My first attempt at embedding a panorama!


“I have been going through petrol like mad!”

– comment: if you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, chances are you can barely afford enough to eat. Let alone a Porsche 911.


Yup – things can be tough for you. However, look at this photo …


There is something I wish to draw your attention to … Continue reading

My Two Pence About Eleanor Hawkins’ Plight

I too visited Sabah and rubbed the tribes people up the wrong way – nearly lost my head for my trouble. I am really worried for the safety of this (slightly naive and trusting) lady. How will the superstitious people held in the prison she will be sent to respond to her (in their eyes) misdemeanour? In this blog article, I would like to add my two pennies worth into the melee surrounding events in Sabah recently. A place that summons both dread, joy & wonder within me when I mutter the syllables.

It is not for me to tell anybody what to do with their body. I am all in favour that some people wish to express themselves by communing with nature in their birthday suit – however, this is my blog and therefore my take on experience.

To quote the MailOnline (note: no back link is given – do not click through to make their site more accessible):

MailOnline reported yesterday [11th June 2015] that Hawkins, former head girl at Ockbrook School in Derbyshire, is being held at a “far softer” police central lockup in Kepayan due to a request by her lawyer Ronny Cham over fears for her safety.

What I wish to draw your attention to in the above quote is “…. over fears for her safety.” Continue reading

Chip Spice

Chip Spice, the spiced salt condiment has been part of the culinary landscape of Hull since 1979, when it was introduced by restaurant owner John Science at his innovative burger bar Yankee Burger. John took over the Pioneer Cafe on Jameson Street from his father, and set about transforming it into an American style fast food joint, one of the first of its kind not only in Hull, but the country. McDonald’s had only arrived in the UK in 1974, and hadn’t yet spread across the country.

Previously John had owned the infamous Gondola Club on Little Queen Street, off Jameson Street. Known for playing host to some of the biggest acts of the 60s and 70s, and closing in 1975 after riots caused by a performance by Hull’s avant-garde performance art rebels COUM Transmissions, in 1975. Continue reading


“Because it is possible to create — creating one’s self, willing to be one’s self… — one has anxiety. One would have no anxiety if there were no possibility whatever.”

Returning From A Return To Care

As folk who I know in meat-space will testify – I have been going through a patch of ill health recently. Not physical but mental ill-ease.

This has been a long standing problem and is the reason I have been unable to hold down a job for the, as I write, 15 years. However, a new twist has unfurled in the saga. I went to my GP in early March to tell the People That Care that I needed caring for – fair enough – I admit it, I was ill.

At two different locations and on two differing occasions, I have recently been assessed by very capable staff within Mental Health Services and have just returned home from the GP. It is about these two interactions that I wish to tell you about … Continue reading

Harrogate Underground

Did you know there was an old, disused Underground Railway in my hometown, Harrogate? The tunnel was abandoned 150 years ago and the far end near Leeds road became an air raid shelter during the war years.

George Hudson and the York and North Midland railway completed the line from Church Fenton in 1848. When it reached the site of what is now Harrogate’s Hornbeam Park station, it veered left and then plunged under the 400 yard long Brunswick tunnel, before emerging on what is now the far side of the Leeds Road/Park Drive roundabout. Here the line followed a discreet cutting before reaching Brunswick station, built opposite Trinity church, on Trinity road next to the stray. The only evidence the station was here these days is a plaque set in stone opposite the church. Continue reading

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