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Back To School

Two days ago I attended my first lecture since the year 2001. It was great, actually!

See, I am now a mature student studying Music Production at The Jam Factory, in York. It is a Level 3 course and, if I graduate, I will be the proud owner of a Diploma. Continue reading

New Street Photography Hardware

I traded in my LEICA D-LUX 6 for a SONY QX-10 and do not regret it at all now I have seen the results. Whilst the QX-10 is just a smart-phone attachment it is absolutely brilliant for Street Photography. Here are the results of a stroll around town this afternoon – I just wish the shop supplied it with more battery. Continue reading

Rebuilding The Site

As you will have read in my previous Blog post, my server was compromised and I lost all of the sites I had worked on over the past three years – including backups. Continue reading

Hackers, Please Do Something Else

On Saturday 30th August 2014 I received a text from my hosting to tell me that my server had been breached and all of the sites I had been working on over the last three years had disappeared. Continue reading

Landscape Prints Available

Please see my shop on to purchase limited edition prints. There is an option in the drop-down menu to go there. The browser will / should open in a new tab.

Elm – And Other Procrastinations

Things here have recently taken a dip – my health has been playing up and I cannot focus on the real. However, the support I have received from my wife has been the rock my waves have crashed against; thank you Mrs. Backhouse.

A great healer to me is music – not the type of music that gets me physically excited, but Xenis Emputae Travelling Band.

I have tried to mimic their style here with a track called Elm; what do you think?

I wrote down the notation first (first time I tried this) and then layer it using a Bass recorder, Soprano recorder and a tenor.


“One awesome thing about Eeyore is that even though he is clinically depressed, he still gets invited to participate in adventures and shenanigans with all of his friends. And they never expect him to pretend to feel happy, they just love him anyway, and they never leave him behind or ask him to change.”

Heterotopia Bibliography – Proposed MA in Lens Based Media

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Trevor Wishart Inspired Me

Wednesday 14th May 2014 saw me in Leeds. Mrs. Backhouse had quite a severe cold from the wedding so I went on my lonesome to Leeds University for a recital of 1960’s Tape Music and a talk – what I didn’t know was that Trevor Wishart would be there and he would play a major part in the rest of the week. Continue reading

Congratulations To My Brother & His New Wife

…. not that he had an old wife!

My brother, Dr. Backhouse, married his long-term partner, Hannah, at the weekend. The event was held at our parents farm – Newby Hall. The service kicked off at 1230 at Christ the Consolor with me on ushering duties. I was handing out Orders Of Service to the multitudes along with Dr. Hannah’s Brothers. The weather was Yorkshireish through out. Continue reading

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