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King Wynter – “The Pilgrim’s Ally”

I returned home from ElectroJam and put the finishing touches to my latest album, it weighs in around the three hour mark. It was pretty much a live improvisation on Audiomulch passed through a Edirol UA 101 and tinkered with in Logic. Essentially it is Occult Electronica from Albion. Taking the Archangels of the cardinal directions as a concept, I created a series of long-form drones in the Aeolian Scale (Uriel), the Dorian Scale (Michael), the Lydian Scale (Raphael) & in Major Triads (Gabriel).

The intended art work. On a J-Card.

The intended art work. On a J-Card.

Please get in contact if you want to release this album. I am looking at a double C90 Cassette release – all artwork supplied if needed.

I have embedded a player below and also a game of chess so you do not wonder off site. Enjoy!

Uploading Radio Shows

People may remember that I used to run a radio station here in Harrogate – imaginatively titled Harrogate Alternative Radio. Well, the license expired a while ago and I have hundreds of radio shows on my hard drive.

I have been going through all of my own shows. What surprised me is this; the quality of the show is better than I recollect! They really are not that bad! Okay, I stutter, dribble and drool like a wrong ‘un over the first five shows – but by about Show V I am hitting my stride.

Over the weekend, I have been uploading the shows to www.mixcloud.com (playlist link – here) and sorting out the hours and hours worth of track listings. I have put a page link in the menu in the top right of this theme. On that page I have embedded my playlist for all to mock me. I would appreciate some feedback on the shows – yunno, if you are so enclined?

I will, I hope, start recording more shows but just pop them on Mixcloud for people to stream – hell, if there are any radio stations with a need for a Goth Folk / Drone Doom / Wyrd Electronica show get in contact! :-)

Here is an embedded playlist incase you do not want to find the page … Once / if you have listened to the first show, find Show V by clicking ‘up next.’

Wyrd Selection Radio Show by Andrew Backhouse on Mixcloud

A Return To College

This evening saw me at Harrogate College. A return to academia but a first at Harrogate College. I am studying a course in Photography.

It started with me getting lost in B Block and someone (who turned out to be my tutor) shouting “Photography!” down the corridor at me. Turns out my tutor is called Phil Day and I was not the last one to arrive; the admin clerk on reception had been scattering us around B Block.

Polite formalities ensued and then we went straight into Crop Ratios. The first lecture exhausted pretty much all I know about photography so I am eager to get cracking with the next evening (held an un-waitable three weeks in the future!).

We were allowed a go in the Studio with the lights and I took the below photo of another student, Simon. Hope you do not mind me putting your photo up here, Simon? Any qualms and I will take it down.

All in all a nice evening spent in the company of nice people.


Electronic Mangled Tape I

Whilst maintaining www.artapes.co.uk, my label, site. I came across a problem; how to embed some of the audio onto the individual product page whilst not sacrificing my Soundcloud allowance.

The immediate answer was to upload it to Youtube – the result is above and I am quite content with the result.

There were a few teething troubles, however. Due to the length of the video (29 minutes) I needed to verify my Youtube account – a simple automated text message – and then all was dandy. As mentioned in a previous Blog entry, Artapes now has its own Youtube channel and is definitely worth checking out.

Larkfall’s, “The Horseman’s Word” Mix

I find a great deal of inspiration on Phil Legard’s (a friend) blog – Larkfall. He has, more than a passing, interest in Folklore & (what I can only describe as ) the Western Hermetic Tradition – as have I.

Anyway, I found this mix he did and I was bowled over by it – please check it out.

Windows XP

On Tuesday, we dusted off the source code for early versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows. With the help of the Computer History Museum, we are making this code available to the public for the first time.

- Roy Levin, Microsoft Research.

Now, with XP doomed – 95% of the worlds cash machines will be without an OS.


  • Open the Facebook app “Static HTML: frames tabs
  • Click the big blue button that says “Add static HTML to a page”
  • Choose your fan page from the drop-down menu > Click “Add page Tab”
  • Go to your fan page and you will see the app icon (a grey background with a star on it) in the vicinity of the box that tells you how many ‘likes’ you have. Click on it.
  • Click on ‘Edit Tab’
  • If it doesn’t load on the Static HTML sub-app, click ‘more apps’ and select “Static HTML (it is on the left of the screen)
  • Open a new browser tab
  • Go to http://ytchannelembed.com and enter your details. There are a load of customisable options so you get the right amount of videos looking just how you want them.
  • Generate the code (at the bottom left of the page)
  • Copy the HTML code and change browser tabs so you are back in the Static HTML: frames tabs – Static HTML sub-app and paste where it tells you to.
  • Save / Preview / View in Facebook.
  • Enjoy! To see what it looks like, check out my previous post.
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