Architecture Audio High Definition (HD) Audio Conexant CX20585 codec Volume up, down, and mute buttons Mic mute button Keyboard Embedded numeric keypad and integrated UltraNav dual-pointing system with wide touch pad below keyboard, Tap Zones, scrolling regions label, multi-touch; and TrackPoint and customized touch pad for the ultimate in pointing flexibility. ThinkVantage button, individual speaker volume up, down, and mute… Read more →

FIRE Boxing Day 2015

I was at ‘work’ on Boxing Day. This involved heading out to RETRO Bar (on Commercial Street) at around 18:30 to help set up the venue (drills, cable ties and g-clamps) for what would prove to be the party of the year for H’gate. I played a Ska / Afrobeat set and pressed ‘play’ on the night – then it… Read more →

Sun Ra

For some time now it has been fashionable to diagnose dead famous people with mental illnesses we never knew they had when they were alive. These postmortem clinical interventions can seem accurate or far-fetched, and mostly harmless—unless we let them color our appreciation of an artist’s work, or negatively influence the way we treat eccentric living personalities. Overall, I tend to think the state of… Read more →

Christmas 2015, Pt. I

Well, how on earth do I go about wording this here blog entry? See it is in the small hours and I am wide awake, bouncing about like a seven year old. Regular readers may be aware that I suffer from clinical insomnia and tonight is ‘one of those nights.’ God knows what I will be like tomorrow – thankfully… Read more →

Guerrilla Dub System

I am the main player in Guerrilla Dub System – site here – We are a collective of DJ’s based in North Yorkshire who specialise in playing Ska, 8-bit Dub, Roots, Calypso & authentic 1970’s Dub records that compliment our massive Dancehall collection. Our selection is guaranteed to get the crowd moving and supply bass that wobbles.

T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Designs

Me and a close friend, Jason, run a clothing brand in Harrogate called Kalama Insa Designs. The aesthetics are street wear with a nod to minimalist sacred geometry.  I have rattled off a few more designs – I hope you like them. We keep our production costs low and source our wares from sustainable sources that do not use slave… Read more →

Roast Egg? …. Anyone?

Try this old Elizabethan recipe – but beware of explosions! A dish I am sure John Dee would have relished. A roast egg, according to the recipe, is cooked to perfection when it begins to vibrate on its skewer. So far, my eggs have done everything except vibrate. They have cracked, split, oozed, smashed, buckled, dribbled, shattered and rolled off… Read more →