Cemetery Symbolism

Put aside everything horror movies have ever taught you about cemeteries and you’ll find that the final resting places of our dearly departed can be hauntingly beautiful bits of green space. And every gravesite has a unique story to tell, whether it’s with a clever epitaph or a symbolic decorative detail. Atlas Obscura spent some time uncovering the meanings … [Read more…]

What Happens On Michaelmas?

Michaelmas is today, the 29th September. It is a day in the traditional English calendar when a lot happens. The Feast Day of Michaelmas is noted in both Anglican and Catholic calendars, and so is celebrated in Ireland as well as Britain. It is a time when the harvest is coming to an end, winter is approaching, … [Read more…]

“Celts” At The British Museum

Celts: Art and Identity shows how Celtic identity was made, not born. If I say or write the phrase “Celtic art”, you know exactly what I mean. The word “Celt”, or “Celtic”, instantly conjures an image as recognisable as “Greek” or “Roman”. The twining tendrils found in the Book of Kells, the fabulously elaborate vellum Gospel … [Read more…]

Crack-Nut Sunday

Bit late to the party – but, yesterday was Crack-Nut Sunday. Crack-Nut Sunday is the last Sunday before Michaelmas (29 September). The name comes from an old English custom whereby the congregation took nuts with them to the parish church on this day and cracked them during the service. It is said that the practice … [Read more…]

A Review Of “How To Change The World”


Right, I am fresh back from the Cinema (Odeon Harrogate) after seeing a premier screening of the film How To Change The World, a biographical documentary of the early days of Greenpeace. I admit it, I am no qualified film critic – but think of this as www.poopshoot.com from the Kevin Smith film Dogma – … [Read more…]


“All it took was a phat, chronic blunt. These guys were lightweights … My treat. As long as you promise that the next time you pop your old lady, you make her call your “Jay.” Snootchie Bootchies!”

The Architecture Of Radio

Created by Richard Vijgen, The Architecture of Radio is a site-specific iPad application that visualizes this network of networks (cell towers, wifi routers, communication, navigation and observation satellites and their signals) by reversing the ambient nature of the infosphere; hiding the visible while revealing the invisible technological landscape we interact with through our devices. We are completely surrounded … [Read more…]

Raising Money For MSF

I am a lucky man. I have great mates. One of whom is Andy Dennis. Andy is a nurse with MSF. Those of the readers who follow my meanderings across the inter web might be aware of the man. He has an excellent blog at walka2b.wordpress.com – I garnered this information from that site: It is … [Read more…]

How To Be Deaf Aware As A DJ

This may have been one of the most rewarding nights I have been out at work. Yes, it started with the usual drink casualties – but then three lads came in wearing ties. I was DJing at RETRO Bar on commercial street – reggae & dub – and in the small room it became apparent … [Read more…]