“All it took was a phat, chronic blunt. These guys were lightweights … My treat. As long as you promise that the next time you pop your old lady, you make her call your “Jay.” Snootchie Bootchies!”

The Architecture Of Radio

Created by Richard Vijgen, The Architecture of Radio is a site-specific iPad application that visualizes this network of networks (cell towers, wifi routers, communication, navigation and observation satellites and their signals) by reversing the ambient nature of the infosphere; hiding the visible while revealing the invisible technological landscape we interact with through our devices. We are completely surrounded by an invisible system of… Read more →

Raising Money For MSF

I am a lucky man. I have great mates. One of whom is Andy Dennis. Andy is a nurse with MSF. Those of the readers who follow my meanderings across the inter web might be aware of the man. He has an excellent blog at walka2b.wordpress.com – I garnered this information from that site: It is very lovely when people approach… Read more →

How To Be Deaf Aware As A DJ

This may have been one of the most rewarding nights I have been out at work. Yes, it started with the usual drink casualties – but then three lads came in wearing ties. I was DJing at RETRO Bar on commercial street – reggae & dub – and in the small room it became apparent that all three of the… Read more →

Blogging As Creative Writing

The distinguishing isn’t about style but about subjects and blogs can be anything: Creative (a fictional story written in parts as blog entries) news reporting (even if it’s news about a party at your friend’s house), academic (a teacher blogging ‘classes’ for benefit of students) technical (tech blog with tips about solving problems, a blog which shows various techniques of… Read more →

Rewilding Britain

Rewilding Britain is a charity set up by people with a passion for nature. [They] believe rewilding provides hope for the future for people and nature. Through rewilding we can start to reverse centuries of ecological damage. We can re-establish natural processes, reconnect with nature and regain wonder for the natural world. The above is what the website www.rewildingbritain.org.uk says about itself – and… Read more →



A Pick Me Up Talk

A Pick Me Up Talk

Yup – things can be tough for you. However, look at this photo … There is something I wish to draw your attention to … This photo was taken as Usain Bolt smashed the World Record for the Mens’s 100m Sprint. He completely ripped it apart at Beijing in 2008 – setting a new record of 9.69 seconds. 9.69 seconds! I would struggle… Read more →