That Backhouse Has His Head In The Clouds

- Mr. Thurlow (my GCSE Woodwork Teacher)

My real name is Andrew Wynter Backhouse – yes, Wynter is my middle name by birth. Family myth states that two brothers attempted to help Guy Fawkes blow up the Houses of Parliament in the seventeenth century, my family are their descendants. If you know any different please email me.

I enjoy capturing the ambience of selected environments – both urban and rural – be it with a camera or field recordings. As a sound artist and photographer, I enjoy the nuances of finding a new detail in the captured sound map / image of a situation that was not perceptible at the moment of recording; having battled schizophrenia for 14 years – there is something honest about discovering what actually happened whilst I was recording the scene.

MeI started Harrogate Alternative Radio which it used to run from my flat in North Yorkshire. I have collected the shows for you to listen to in The Wyrd Selection. I now have a Folk show on Tempo FM, entitled The Folk Session. When not preparing my show, I enjoy making a variety of music, everything from folk to glitch via drone. 

I regularly take photos for mates at various club nights at Zoso Bar in Harrogate – a selection of the better pictures are viewable on my Flickr site – please see the links page.

In 2011, I married the lovely Mrs. Backhouse – we do not have any offspring, but are dedicated to the family we do have. We live locally to our loved families and enjoy spending time with them. Due to my employment status, Kathryn left her employment to look after me – a debt I am eternally grateful for.


The blog is run using WordPress and the theme from my own catalogue. I chose the name IJO PONA because it means ‘a good thing’ in the constructed language Toki Pona.

All of the pictures are by me and I own the rights – except for the trippy DMT inspired artwork, I did not create that and if I am breaching any rules I will immediately take it down. The Artwork is done by a man named Alex Grey.