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Well, I Gave Up On That Idea ….

As the regular readers of this blog will be aware – it has been searching for a home for some time. I tried it under various domains – including this one, www.awbackhouse.com and even Tumblr! – but to no avail.

So, in the end, I gave up on hosting the blog as part of my ‘work’ site and have a separate domain for it – HERE!


English Herbalist Productions

After not sleeping for too long, I set about polishing an old domain; www.englishherbalist.co.uk

When we had a gig in Knaresborough, as part of the band The Tidswell Noise Collective, we had to shoot a video to form the backdrop of the set. This was no easy task – it involved nine cameras and a good few people. What I thought would end as a logistical nightmare turned into one of the best evenings I have had this year.

We were filming two cyclists, Jasper & Pete, who had kindly volunteered to pedal back from the wilderness to Harrogate on their bikes. It was up to me and my mates to film them. The equipment ranged from a GoPro on Pete’s head to a DSLR and a LEICA D-LUX 6. I was involved in getting some of the static shots – although towards the end I was in the back of a truck having the cyclists bear down on me.

I do not know how many miles the cyclists covered, but we had hours of footage. Not all of the footage worked out, mind – as I found when cataloguing it.

When back at my parents farm, over the Solstice, I set about editing the video – cack handedly at that. The end result was not that great so the responsibility was passed over to Allan, who did a great job by the time the gig came around.

When we were up on the moors filming, we mentioned that it would be nice to form a collective of sorts and the name Lens Cap Media was banded around. This thought lay dormant in my sub conscious for a while until it was forced to the surface by a sleepless night due to a solar flare / super moon combo. I acted on this ….

Google quickly showed that Lens Cap Media was taken by a wedding videographer in Boston, USA, so I summoned an old domain that I had – www.englishherbalist.co.uk/ and put it to good use. Please-use-this-oh-so-handy-link-here to see what it is all about! I am in the process of inviting all of the people who were out filming for The Tidswell’s to take part – if they join then it would have been a great nights work. If they do not join, well, I will keep the project going myself – it is, after all, a lot of fun!



On December 31, 2020 the Swedish artist Anders Weberg will end his 20 plus years relation with the moving image as a means of creative expression.

After more than 300 films he puts an end with the premiere of what will be the longest film ever made.

Ambiencé is 720 hours long (30 days) and will be shown in its full length on a single occasion syncronised in all the continents of the world and then destroyed.

In the piece Ambiencé space and time is intertwined into a surreal dream-like journey beyond places and is an abstract nonlinear narrative summary of the artist’s time spent with the moving image.

A sort of memoir movie . (Film memoir ) . This in the visual expression that is constantly characterized the work throughout the artists career.

As a small tease until the premiere in 2020 shorter teaser/trailers will be presented at different occasions.
2014 – Short teaser which is 72 minutes long and that has the intent to convey the mood and tempo from the full piece.
2016 – The first short trailer with duration 7 hours 20 minutes.
2018 – Longer trailer with duration 72 hours.

Ambiancé – the 720 hour long film [short 72 min teaser] by Anders Weberg from Anders Weberg on Vimeo.

The above is the 72 minute trailer for the film – It was a roller-coaster!

I do not know if it is because I am having trouble sleeping or not, there were episodes of extremes. I experience intense fear, lust and an altruistic sense of wellbeing during the trailer. Hopefully I will be around where they screen it in Europe in 2020.

Masonic Pie

My  mate, Greg, told me on the walk home to his what the magic wand button does in Pixelmater – here is the result!



Masonic Pie

The Recorded Media From The 4th July 2014 – A Tidswell Gig

This is the recording of a gig we did on 4th July 2014 – as The Tidswell Noise Collective.

The video was shot in the weeks running up to the tour and the music was recorded at ORB Community Arts Project as part of a night of live performance.

Enjoy ….

We had the film showing at the back of the stage, projected onto whitewash. We jammed solidly for the duration of this piece. The video below was shown on the night and the recorded music from the gig was overdubbed by Allan Smyth.

Here is a review of the gig in the local paper -

tidswell newspaper clipping

Pipkin & Tommy!

This is a video of my mates hounds – funny dogs that they are …..


Working With Oz

As people I rub along with may know, I am in several bands. This post is about the that, potentially, has the most artistic merit. It’s name is A Tiding Of Magpies.

We had some success with our first track released on Cold Spring’s Hail You Be Sovereigns, Leif and Dear. Anyway – the below sees us in a different direction; more avant-garde than avant-wyrd. What do you think? The track will / may be taken down shortly once I have feedback from Oz.

4th July 2014 – The Tidswell Noise Collective @ ORB Arts

I will be performing with my band, The Tidswell Noise Collective, at ORB Community Enterprise, Elephant & Castle Yard, Knaresborough on July 4th 2014.

It will be an evening of film and music culminating in a improvised jam involving the audience. We are a real-time composition outfit with a penchant for retro-futuristic electronica. The gig is only less than a week away and I am still unsure of my proposed role for the evening – however, get yourself down to see if I am stood at the front of the band waving a baton or jamming with the band.

A link to the Facebook page for the event can be found HERE and there is a oh-so-handy map below.

Hope to see you there!


Time Lapse Video

I recently acquired a GoPro HERO 2 – second hand and at a bargain of a price. I have used it extensively, wearing out some of the batteries capacity. I have shot a video with the Shaky Lens Co-operative last wednesday and I am forever making Time Lapse Videos.

To make a Time Lapse Video, you set the GoPro to take a still photo every x seconds – my favourite is 30 seconds. The GoPro is then secured to a position where it is out of the way and left to shoot until the battery has died down.

The photos are then taken from the SD card and, in chronological order, loaded into free software called Time Lapse Assembler (Mac / Win alternatives) – it is free on the mac so if you have a different OS please look around.

I have found that for landscape time lapse the best setting using the free video converter software is 10 FPS (frames per second) as it gives a subtle continuity without using up all of your images in 20 seconds.

This morning I took the GoPro out to the yard (we are house sitting at Home Farm) and caught a bit of the dawn. This video, which I call Subtle Patterns, is ace. I like it!

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